Back to School tips for parents

September means one thing for kids…back to school!

Going back to school can a fun and exciting or quite traumatic time for children.

I have listed my top tips to try and make the transition as smooth as possible:

1. Initiate routine
Start re-enforcing their bedtime & morning wake up times a few days before. They will get used to it and you won’t need a fire alarm to get them out of bed on the first day back at school.

2. Exciting lunches
Use different types of bread to give kids variety – pitta, wraps, bagels, chapatis or toast fingers with a dip. Rather than the failsafe ham and cheese filling, try strips of chicken, beef, pork, cooked or canned tuna or salmon. A new exciting lunch box your child may look forward to carrying could be a great addition too.

3. Nerves
Starting primary school or moving to secondary school can be a scary experience. Try talking to your child about anything that might be bothering them. Tell them stories about your first day and how you over came any adversity.
For some children, taking a special object with them (a key ring, book or badge) might soothe their anxiety during the day.

4. Anxious parents send anxious kids to school
One of the most helpful things you can do is model calm, confident behaviour, particularly while helping a child get ready for school. Put some music on, talk, do what you can to keep anxiety levels low and morning atmosphere light and bright.

5. Encourage your child to read
During the run up to going back to school, try and encourage your child to continue reading and writing. By encouraging them to continue reading and learning you are helping to prepare their brains for going back to school.

6. An ABC check up
There’s is still time for a check up before your child goes back to school. Make sure their little nervous systems are functioning at their bests for their first day. At Spirohealth it’s FREE and is loads of fun! Book here.

Let me know how you go

With love




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