Pregnant? TOP 5 reasons to be aligned

I am talking to anyone who is pregnant, or knows anyone who is pregnant… I am nearly 20 weeks pregnant myself…YAY! Nearly half way and I am myself-an ABC practitioner and South African trained Chiropractor. Growing bigger and changing everyday certainly is a journey! BUT what has been MOST obvious these last 20 weeks are these […] Read More

Posture myth #8: ‘Pain and posture is purely physical’

Have you ever faced a new challenge in your life and felt like this had an impact on your physical health? Suddenly you had more aches and pains or you can’t sleep? More acid reflux and constipation? YES these could be attributed to changes in your posture (structure). Not only this but poor posture can […] Read More

Posture Myth #6: ‘Breathing exercises will fix my posture’

Yoga, Pilates and deep relaxation techniques are very useful and we support you all the way to continue with these things however they do not address the lower part of your body. A good posture stems from the arches in your feet being just right. ‘They will not be an effective and reliable solution to […] Read More