Emotions are our guides

Emotions are just energy in motion and they tell us how we feel. What is ‘feeling’ really? Feeling is how the physical part of us is vibrating. What is your vibe/vibration? You can immediately pick up when someone’s vibe around you is low, they seem to drag you down too if you are around them […] Read More

Coffee and butter for breakfast?

Fancy a cup of coffee and whole lot of butter for breakfast? One of the many things I came across doing the Keto diet, was trying to find something quick, easy and healthy, for breakfast. So, I introduce to you, Bulletproof Coffee ™. It’s a drink that Dave Asprey, creator of Bulletproof brand, has become […] Read More

Guest blog: What is Indian Head Massage and Reiki?

These are two of a Spirohealth‘s client’s favourite treatments, Indian Head Massage and Reiki/Seichem Healing. Jess Coleman is a fantastic beauty therapist and she writes for us below. What is Indian Head Massage and Reiki/seichem Healing? Indian Head Massage: The client lies face down on the massage couch and I start by using massage techniques […] Read More