How Chiropractic Promotes Overall Health


Did you know that we live our life through our nervous system? When we have a better nervous system, we have a better life. It’s that simple. From our ability to digest our food, enjoy a sunset, or be delighted by a baby’s giggle, our nervous system allows us to experience life more abundantly. If, […] Read More

Posture MYTH#4: ‘I just bent over and my back went into spasm!’

‘I just bent over and my back went into spasm!’ or ‘I just woke up like this’, and you cannot move your neck. Does this sound familiar??? Often it’s just brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, loading the car with a suitcase, or putting your underwear on. It is basically a cry for help!!! Your tipping point. Here […] Read More

Are You aging Faster???

Did you know structure = function? Yes … In the long term if you are out of shape- bent and hunched over- you will be weaker and your function will go down over time. You essentially age faster. You might breathe shorter breaths, have a lower immune system, poor concentration, metabolism is erratic, battle with […] Read More

Paleo Smoothie to KILL that Cold

Paleo smoothie to kill your cold or boost your immune system RIGHT NOW! My husband and I definitely have a new favourite! It’s quick and only has 4 ingredients. Kids will love this one too. Recipe 300ml organic orange juice 1/4 cup shelled pistachio nuts 1/2 cup frozen mango 1/2 organic avocado You’re welcome to […] Read More

Do You Have Good Or Bad Posture

You could change the course of your and family’s life right now! I was out for a lovely dinner last night when I looked over to the table next to us and saw a very familiar sight. A special family dinner- grandparents, parents and children. The adults were laughing and talking between them and the […] Read More