Protein Power, High Fibre, Anti-inflammatory, Brain Food NO-OATS porridge

Brain food for your day. Short and sweet recipe for people on the go who want to stabilise blood sugar and get the energy boost they need for the day- WITHOUT THE HEAVY CARBS! Eggs for protein, fruit and flax for fibre, spices for inflammation and great taste, nuts and seeds for a punchy brain […] Read More

STOP cravings in their tracks!!!

READY to win the battle against the sweet stuff, here’s a quick look at Dr Natalie’s top 5 tips to end sugar cravings: 1. Avoid processed foods 2. Boost your serotonin- exercise, hugs, belly laughs, mindfulness 3. Satisfy your sweet tooth naturally- low sugar fruit- berries/blueberries 4. Drink plenty of water- get your 8 glasses […] Read More

Sugar free, Gluten free, Dairy free Paleo Pancakes

All the hype of today in keeping your sugar down…but you still want to enjoy delicious food? Look right here for a simple 2 ingredient pancake and it’s Paleo (we at Spiro support this lifestyle) Paleo Pancakes 1 banana 2 eggs Instructions Blend until smooth Use coconut oil to cook in small pan and voila!!! […] Read More

Paleo Smoothie to KILL that Cold

Paleo smoothie to kill your cold or boost your immune system RIGHT NOW! My husband and I definitely have a new favourite! It’s quick and only has 4 ingredients. Kids will love this one too. Recipe 300ml organic orange juice 1/4 cup shelled pistachio nuts 1/2 cup frozen mango 1/2 organic avocado You’re welcome to […] Read More