What is a subluxation?

The word ‘subluxation’ can be used quite frequently in a chiropractic office, but what does it mean? Quite simply sub = low, lux = light/energy, so it literally means an area of low energy. For a more complex explanation we describe it as an interference on the nervous system. It’s a complex that develops when […] Read More

TOP 5 mistakes you are making with shoes

A good shoe is vital after all 25% of your skeleton is in your foot, so it makes sense to look after your feet….right? But so many of us have feet that are beginning to look like our shoes! 5 mistakes you are making everyday 1. Shoe is too narrow– your feet should be able […] Read More

Specialist answers:What is CORRECT posture?

Such a frequent question when I am out and about at events on posture, ‘HOW SHOULD I BE STANDING?’ Are your shoulders back and boobs out? Stomach in? The truth is you SHOULDN’T BE THINKING ABOUT IT!!! For you to have to think about doing these things- you are working hard, using energy. We are designed […] Read More

Posture myth #8: ‘Pain and posture is purely physical’

Have you ever faced a new challenge in your life and felt like this had an impact on your physical health? Suddenly you had more aches and pains or you can’t sleep? More acid reflux and constipation? YES these could be attributed to changes in your posture (structure). Not only this but poor posture can […] Read More