Chiropractic Care Gave Me New Answers

I had become disillusioned by the health care system. Why were people with structural problems not getting better, but coming back with the same issues. It was getting to me! I was tired of it, I wanted to REALLY help people.

Dr Stuart has always had the need and the conviction to help people – it is the passion of his life. He loved the idea of Chiropractic as it was all about getting the body corrected naturally.

Studying his Chiropractic Degree in South Africa, during the six year course he was unhappy about the focus on ‘sick care’ rather than ‘health care’ and so continues to expand his expertise on the latter even today.

“I always want to find the most effective way of getting patients well.”

Dr Stuarts care for his patients is focused on correcting their posture. Good posture leads to a healthy nervous system, sustainable relief and prevention of pain. That’s the reason why he too has regular Chiropractic care for himself and and why his patients seek regular treatment at Spirohealth. The ABC™, allows him to do that consistently and predictably.

Keeping Life in Balance

Dr Stuart is a self-confessed “sport nut” but also a “bit of a nerd” – he loves reading the latest Chiropractic research or going to the next ABC™seminar.

I love spending quality time with my sister, brother-in-law and my nephews; nothing beats a bit of family time. The rest of my family gets me once or twice when I go to South Africa on holiday, which they are probably grateful for!

Dr Stuart sees himself as work-in-progress in terms of his own posture. As a result of getting adjusted incorrectly for many years, and combined with his job, he now receives two adjustments a week and is happy to be on his own route to recovery. I wouldn’t survive with out it!!