Apart from getting ABC to reduce uncomfortable symptoms and correct posture there are a multitude of other spin off benefits that suit athletes in particular.

Top 10 ABC benefits for athletes

  1. Lung capacity: after years of abuse to your spine through chairs, plane seats, poor shoes and work station set up etc the position of your head, shoulders and even the shape of your spine changes. This impacts how much space our lungs have to work ie how much air we can get in. On a typical ABC schedule you can expect your lung capacity to increase for sure. Getting more oxygen in means more available to working muscles and metabolic reactions.

  2. Lung efficiency: with more space comes less effort. You use less effort to breathe well so you use less energy to breathe well and this means you are more efficient.

  3. Recovery: when you have a heavy session, endurance or sprint having an ABC regime helps you recover faster. How? We reduce the twists (compensations) in your body every time you come in, these twists also impact muscles and other soft tissue. An untwisted body gets rid of lactic acid more efficiently and voila you are not so stiff and experience no DOMS.

  4. Injury prevention: in ABC we unwind the body. We allow the body to fix itself, as we fix what you can’t. It’s the compensations we have and the patterns we develop that wear us out and cause pulls and tension during activities when we do not want them. These are our injuries, aches and pains. Getting consistent ABC means you decrease those twisted patterns and therefore decrease the chance of injury.

  5. Performance: directly linked to energy levels. If you are not breathing efficiently and using large amounts of energy to keep your twisted body upright, you will have low energy levels. You can take all the supplements in the world and eat the best diet but you are just not working at your best when you are giving away energy to overcoming the force of gravity on your body.

  6. Acute injury support: ABC can considerably decrease the amount of time it takes to heal from acute injury. We talking strains, sprains and even fractures. The healing power of the body is accelerated when we get better blood supply (circulation) to an injured area and reduce the twist on bones, ligaments and soft tissues like your muscles.

  7. Hormones: with improved posture ie more upright and weight back in your heels. Hormones like cortisol (our stress hormone) are down regulated and hormones like testosterone are upregulated for more confidence and risk taking. Check out more on this here.

  8. Sleep: regulated largely by your brain stem, sleep often improves with ABC work. We take pressure off the brain stem in every visit. Less cortisol mentioned above allows the body to sleep easier too.

  9. Digestion: another brain stem regulated function. Click here for a more in depth explanation on how posture affects digestion.

  10. Immune system: your central nervous system is your hard drive, it controls everything. By getting your nervous system checked out and pressure off, it can reboot sub systems like your immune system. What athlete or average person doesn’t want to be more resilient and stave off sickness and disease.

We would be honoured to have you in the office to check out your posture and nervous system and to see whether we could help you be the better athlete or even just a better version of yourself. Find out more here to book in.

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