2 factors that determine your longevity

I think that we all have a sense of immortality or invincibility. We do not think that anything bad will happen to our health or our life, until it does. There is always a match up between cause and effect and so what you are doing with your food, water, sleep, rest exercise, thoughts and posture now will have an effect later.

But what a 2 simple things that you can track that will support a longer more healthy life?

  1. Blood glucose variability
  2. Inflammation

Let’s look at those a little closer:

  1. Blood glucose variability: this is the variation in how much sugar you have in your blood at any one time. The more you can stabilize this, the longer you live.

How do you do this?

  • You do a short sharp burst of 30 seconds exercise before you eat your meal. Ben Greenfield  talks about this.
  • You take a short 15 minute walk after eating
  • You choose low glycaemic carbohydrates, more good quality fats and proteins in your diet

2. Inflammation:

Keeping inflammation in your body at bay requires multiple efforts. Everything in this list below is inflammatory:

Dairy products




Vegetable and seed oils

Processed meat

Trans fats

Refined carbohydrates


Excessive exercise

Where can you reduce inflammation in your body in your lifestyle? Pick one area and do you best to change it.

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Natalie Robertson
Advanced ABC practitioner
Life Coach

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