3 Tips To Lower Inflammation and Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Following an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle can really do wonders to your physical and mental wellbeing.

So many factors can impact inflammation levels in the body, some of these
-chronic stress
-harmful toxins
-inflammatory foods / substances
-gut microbiome status
-posture problems
-lack of movement
– impaired liver detoxification
-poor lifestyle choices (i.e. smoking, drugs, not sleeping enough)
-emotional trauma.

We often hear about what we should NOT eat as part of an anti-inflammatory
diet. If you are not familiar with this term, an anti-inflammatory diet
encourages the elimination of processed foods such as ready meals, industrial
animal products, pasta, baked good, sauces, soft drinks, often gluten and dairy
products, some grains, alcohol and of course refined sugar (cakes, biscuits and

But what are the foods that can help you lower inflammation in the body

Here are my top 3 tips.
1) Increase your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables to 10 a day!
Yes, this is a real challenge for some but with a bit of planning all is
possible. Colourful, seasonal, fresh vegetables and fruits are high in
phytonutrients and antioxidants. These help to counteract oxidative
stress by neutralising excess free radicals to protect cells, prevent illness
and indeed reduce inflammation. Think of a smoothie for breakfast for
example to easily include 3-4 portions of natural foods in your routine.
Here is my signature green smoothie recipe.
2) Eat more healthy fats.
To the contrary of common knowledge, healthy fats are essential for many
body functions including hormone production and immune system regulation.
Omega 3s which are found in abundance in wild fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and other sources like grass-fed red meat, pasture raised eggs, chia &
flax seeds, nuts, should be part of your regular diet to boost your body’s
immune response to pathogens by lowering inflammation. Choose organic,
grass-fed, hormone-free and high-quality animal products for higher
nutritional content.


3) Increase your consumption of probiotics
Fermented foods and drinks have become extremely popular over the last
few years and they have all the right to be. Fermented products are rich in
beneficial bacteria which are naturally present in trillions in the human
body. Increasing your consumption of foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi,
natural yogurt, kefir, miso can be very beneficial for your microbiome
diversity and overall health. Gut health and immune system are strictly
connected, and probiotics have been proven to boost the immune system
by helping fight harmful pathogens.

I really hope that implementing these tips as well as following an anti-
inflammatory lifestyle will help you lower inflammation and boost your health.

In health,
Roberta Fusco
Nutrition Therapist, mANP

website here

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