5 simple steps to better planning

Planning is the key to anything in life. I am seeing this more and more especially as i have returned to work this month after having my baby of 7 months old. I cannot begin to tell you how my head space feels too small for all this planning!!! What we eating, what she is eating, washing, groceries, her activities, our social calendar, exercise times, rest and recovery, relationship time- how do you do it?

Here are some useful tips to help you if you feeling like me:

  1. Take an hour every Sunday to PLAN the week ahead- I call it my POWER HOUR. Look at everything from meals, daily goals in exercise, social occasions, delivery times, budgets etc.
  2. Make sure you write it down, or if you like put it into your phone or your laptop.
  3. Discuss plans with your partner- keeping you both on the same page.
  4. Tick off things you have completed and achieved as you go
  5. Be flexible and adapt to changes as much as you can

These are very basic tips. If you want any more help please check out here how i can coach you to getting you the life and results you want

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