6 Steps: Change your money story

Money, success, health, relationships are all programmed into us by the time we reach 6 years old. Yes I said it! At 6 years old we are ‘cooked’ as it were. Your parents, teachers, preachers and friends are our example. All the ideas, tv, discussion and situations. DONE!

How can YOU change your money story?

1. Recognise YOU are creating your own story- all the habits and behaviours are all YOU! No one else is talking, complaining about or bringing about what is happening.

2. OWN that thought: Take 100% responsibility for where you are. No blame game and know that you can change it, with the right advice and guidance.

3. Assess the story– what is working and what isn’t working? You can’t do the same stuff and expect different results. Revising your saving plans, pensions, mortgage and even the costs of your bills? Any cheaper providers out there? Research!

4. Decide specifically what to change– get clear on the PLAN, the strategy. Have goals- ‘THE HOW’ you going to do stuff and affirm something like: ‘I am happy and grateful now that I earn increasing amounts of money from multiple sources everyday.’

5. Map the changes– WRITE things down in steps and gain accountability for this by sharing with your partner or a friend.

6. Author the changes– BE the creator- shift old habits- pull out the old and jump into the new. This is where OLD beliefs will get you- Life coaching helps this a treat- for more info CLICK here

I would love to work with you if you are interested in changing old patterns- contact us for more information

Natalie Robertson money
Director, Advanced ABC practitioner, Life Coach, Chiropractic SA, Speaker
Natalie Robertson

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