A word by Bria for 2019

Resolutions and goal setting are always associated with the new year however every year I set a word or phrase that I feel will define my year.

2019 is the year I practice the art of allowing.

Allow is defined as to permit. To fail to restrain or prevent.

The “art of allowing” with the Law of Attraction means being ready to receive the abundance, love, happiness, or anything else you’ve been trying to attract. We all feel ready to receive the things we desire but are we allowing these things to happen?

I am a self-confessed control freak. I like to plan, organise and strategize EVERYTHING. So, for me the thought of asking for what I want, aligning myself with it and then detaching from the outcome is very scary. However, with this need for control, chances are, you’ve been communicating a message of scarcity to the universe: “I don’t have as much money as I want; I don’t have my soul mate yet; I don’t have the body I want.” So, the universe just reflects the essence of not having what you want back into your life, over and over.
When you’re able to allow people, things and situations to be as they are—without judging them, trying to fix them or wanting to change them—you begin to tap into the immense power of allowing.

Imagine the year I could have if I worked hard, stayed in a high vibrational state and just let things happen. What could I experience? Who might I meet?

Are you open to allowing or are you a control freak like me? What situation in your life could you let go of right now and just accept that everything is working for your good?

Bria Francis CA


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