ABC stress and anxiety

Stress is a part of life, as a chiropractic student I know all too well how stress and anxiety can become embedded in our daily activities. However not all stress should be seen as negative, in fact, a reasonable amount of stress can be a positive thing. It signals that there needs to be a change, mentally or physically, and can even be the beginning of the healing process.

If we continuously place stress on our bodies and do not allow them to heal, the negativity can build up. If the cause of your stress is physical, such as pain or dysfunction, this can cause a self-feeding cycle. A body that is in pain tries to protect itself with tension, which exacerbates the pain, causing more stress.

There are many forces and stresses in modern life that worsen our posture. Activities such as driving a car or working on a keyboard bring your shoulders forward, rounding the upper back. Most people spend too much time sitting, and very few chairs are designed to support the healthy curves of the spine. When you look at a smartphone you are usually looking down. This causes your head to push forward, instead of being balanced at the top of your spine. The weight of your head causes significant pressure in your neck.

At Spirohealth our aim is to help your body deal with the stresses of life and keep you functioning at your best.

Book in to see one of our ABC Practitioners if you think we could help you.

Thank you, Bria


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