ABC through the eyes of a 4-year-old

I interviewed my daughter about her experience visiting Spirohealth. She had her first treatment at 5 weeks after a traumatic birth and now has regular check-ups.

ABC (Advanced Biostructural Correction) adjustments are safe for patients of all ages, including new-borns. After an assessment of your child’s spine, the practitioner will perform a gentle adjustment using either his or her hands or a small tool.

I asked My daughter some basic questions about how she found her time at Spirohealth;

‘Do you like visiting Spirohealth?’
Yes, everybody is kind and I usually get a treat when I have been good and listened well during my adjustment.

‘Can you describe what the treatments are like? Do they hurt?’
No, they are funny. The ABC team give you hugs; karate chops and I have to stand up straight like a solider. Sometimes I have to listen out for popping noises too but that is not at every treatment.

‘Why do you like visiting Spirohealth?’
I always have a lot of energy when I leave, I feel like a solider and I usually get a treat for being a good girl.

‘Why would you tell people to come see one of the practitioners at Spirohealth?’
It is purple and they have really cold water that you can pour yourself. They have toys and everybody says hello to you. I like going because the karate chops and hugs always make me feel better and she said it will help make me the best dancer in the word.

When choosing a clinic, the fact that is purple may not be an important factor However, for this 4-year-old it is. Although there were a few mentions of the treat she receives afterwards.

Here at Spirohealth we aim to offer a family friendly environment for the whole family.

Have you thought about having your child checked?


Bria Francis

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