Regaining Vitality Is Achievable

What to Expect at Spirohealth in South West London Since 2012, the Spirohealth team has solely used the Advanced Biostructural correction (ABC) method to treat our patients in South West London and Putney and Barnes. ABC is a whole new way of looking at people’s bodies and finding root causes for surface symptoms.

As a practice, we researched and tested a myriad of different chiropractic techniques. ABC is the best technique we have found for regaining health and well-being for patients of all backgrounds.

Enjoy a More Vibrant Life

If you want to get the most out of life, regain your vitality, and not just cover up your painful symptoms, then we are definitely keen to meet you! At Spirohealth, we want to see your body be able to heal itself and for you to feel more youthful in your appearance and energy levels.

Make Progress and Don’t Look Back!

Spirohealth’s focus is not just about getting people out of pain as quickly as possible. We want to get your body to a point where you do not return back to where you were. This means that we are not just helping with pain relief, but working to unwind your body to a point where it is stable and strong. Throughout the process, we revisit old injuries to unwind the damage done to your body.

Under our care, we work to correct the curvature of your spine and return bones to where they belong. Everyone responds to chiropractic care in a slightly different way, but within a certain pattern. There is a large degree of certainty behind what we do. We believe that with ABC you can experience many positive results:

  • More energy
  • Better moods
  • Straighter posture
  • Stronger body
  • Less pain
  • Reduced niggles

Providing More Than Posture Correction

Education is an important part of any patient’s journey to full health. Your diet and mental well-being are essential to regaining your vitality. As well as providing postural transformation, we offer regular advanced health classes covering a range of different topics.

We spend most of our lives sitting, standing and sleeping! It is important that you are doing these three things correctly to maintain a healthy body. At Spirohealth, we offer a class on this subject to the public, free of charge.

Check out what classes we are currently running here.

We Find Our Work Rewarding!

We believe that seeing people get their health and life back is the most fulfilling aspect of our work. It’s gratifying to see our patients go from struggling and fighting against their body, to being able to connect back with their families, play with their children and grandchildren, and enjoy the activities they have always loved.

A person’s true nature and vitality are revealed when faith in the body and its ability to heal itself is restored.