April 2017 Newsletter

Hello Spirohealthers,

We are in Easter week and lots of you may be on a lovely holiday but at Spirohealth we are on track to re open downstairs. A new carpet colours and some fancy upgrades too- we cannot wait for you to tell us what you think? Thanks again for your patience through this journey.
Natalie is nearly 31 weeks pregnant now and certainly stepping into her maternal energy. She will be around Spiro for catch ups in the next few weeks.
HOT off the press! Do you want faster results in your health and wellbeing? Do you want to know more about nutrition, exercise and your nervous system? Do you want to know more about how everything is connected? This is for you and yours. Bianca is putting on a ‘Secrets to achieving optimal health’ talk on the 24th May 2017, 7:30pm. All are welcome, including non members- but seats will be limited. Please book at reception with the lovely Vicky or Bria.
Please note: We will be closed the evening of the 13th April for last minute structural decisions for downstairs.

Upcoming events:

Sit, Sleep, Standing educational seminars are:

19 April

10 May

Why should YOU be there? Much like if you don’t watch what you eat when you back in the gym training- you won’t get results- it’s the same with unwinding. If you don’t make lifestyle changes along with your weekly adjusting schedule- you won’t get results. We are here to help and guide you through it. Classes are fun and interactive.

Get your SEXY BACK program with Natalie

15th April 10:30am- 4pm at Spirohealth Learn about: Move well– how to be a fat burning machine! 12 MINUTE exercise program that really works. Eat well– foods, hidden secrets of portion control- lose weight with no dieting. Think well- more on paradigm shifts and creating your own life, more clarity Communication skills for getting that date, landing that job/promotion- improving personal relationships Relaxation techniques– quick and simple destressing systems for anxiety and better sleep Next steps to keep you on track: values determination- stop sabotaging yourself

Free sexy goodie bags

Sessions with a top Personal trainer, leading Naturopath, experienced Fashion Stylist Postural health check up Free Educational Seminar on Sitting, Sleeping and Standing
Tickets £109 2 left email info@spirohealth.co.uk

Take care of yourselves and eachother

Signing off with love,

Spirohealth team

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