Becky Murray writes about ‘Spirohealth, ABC™ and my pregnancy’

Spirohealth, ABC™ and my pregnancy

I am writing this post to share my positive experience of having ABC™ throughout my pregnancy to hopefully provide some reassurance.

I had been receiving treatment for about two years before falling pregnant and when I found out that I was pregnant initially had some questions surrounding the impact of ABC™ on my baby and my ever-expanding body. I, however, was made to feel comfortable and relaxed even during my last trimester. The adjustments were specific and focused, and I always left breathing easier, and towards the end, walking easier! I found that after every session I was standing taller and my bump protruded less, putting less pressure on my lower back.

I began a routine of two sessions a week and found that my pregnancy had no major impact upon my sleep, my overall health nor my ability to exercise/move. Instead I experienced little to no back pain, was able to exercise throughout and was able to set my body up in the optimum position for a natural birth experience that I wanted. I was the envy of my other NCT mummies who were having bad pelvic girdle pain, back pain and headaches.

As part of my care I focused on my sitting, sleeping and standing. I always wore my barefoot shoes and carried a small wedge in my handbag for the train, which allowed me to sit forward and encourage the baby to move into a head down position. For sleeping I invested in a dream genie, which also allowed me to use my own ABC pillow to minimise the impact on my spine.

I left every adjustment knowing that I was setting my body up for the birth and the feeling that I knew my body could do this – it was built to give birth. These positive thoughts (along with support from my husband) guided me through my labour enabling me to not give up and get the natural waterbirth that I had desired.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you take something away and get yourself checked by an ABC expert today! Check out Spirohealth here.

With love Becky Murray (Stuart Murray wife)

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