Ben’s first month at Spirohealth

As a new member to Spirohealth I thought I’d take this opportunity to give an insight into starting at the office. The team has been incredibly welcoming, and I already feel at home. I am constantly learning and gaining so much more experience from being in this specialist environment.

I finally made it to the website, check out my profile for a cheesy grin that shows just how excited I am about my new role!

This month has been an exciting period for me, I have had the opportunity to meet the most important part of the team, our clients. My biggest challenge at the start was trying to learn everyone’s name! (Sorry for any mishaps).
Seeing clients reduced to tears from the joy that they are now free from their difficulties with the help of ABC, has enlightened me and I am so excited to spread the word. Hearing our client’s ABC journeys has fuelled my passion for ABC and for those who come to us in their time of need.

I took a trip to the VIVO store in oxford circus to find some new work shoes and I am sleeping in them they are so comfy. I highly recommend VIVO shoes and popping in to the store if you are in the area. But why VIVO? So often we are sold gimmicks and it is hard to know when these will actually improve our lives, so I thought I’d give a quick explanation into why these play such an important role in our treatment and posture:

1. They are as close to barefoot as possible, which is how we are naturally built to be.
2. They are flat with no heel, so they keep our feet in the same position we are in when we are barefoot this prevents the awkward positions modern shoes force our bodies to be in.
3. They have no cushioning, this means we can still gain sensory feedback from each step allowing our bodies to connect with the ground.

But by far my most monumental moment this month has been trying and enjoying a coffee with a push from Stu (I usually hate coffee).

I hope this has given you an all rounded insight into starting out at the office, please feel free to call if you have any questions, I’d love to chat more!

Ben Wells


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