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My personal ABC journey so far

I have been practicing ABC for many years and it still continues to amaze me, not only the impact it has on my body getting adjusted twice a week but how much it transforms my patients lives. Every week I see the positive change ABC has with not only helping people correct their posture and help with their various aches and pains but how it enables people to get back to doing the things they enjoy from sports, getting a good nights sleep, getting back to work and general day to day activities.

I think it’s some times easy to forget how these changes have a profound effect on not only my clients’ lives but also the lives of their family.

My ABC journey started at the age of 25 having had hip and knee pain since I was a teenager and getting worse and stopping me doing active things as I got older.

Getting adjusted in my experience not only keeps me active, pain free but also helps with my mood, energy levels, focus, clarity and memory, anxiety and digestion.

I continue to have a great passion for helping people express their full potential and educate them on how to maintain the best posture. If you have had a positive experience with ABC then please share your experience as you never know when you might change someone’s life.

If you would like to come and have a complimentary posture check with me then please get in contact with Spirohealth 

 Bianca Downey



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