Improved athletic ability and ABC™

In a world that is fiercely competitive at the highest levels of sport, we are seeing the greater and greater increase in use of performance enhancing drugs. Just this week Russia has been given a 4 year ban in all competition, ruling them out of the next summer and winter Olympics as well as Soccer […] Read More

Vicky’s December update

So – we’re still not in the house! As all ways, what on the face of it seemed like a quick fix-up has developed into a more major job than we originally thought, partly due to Andy & I giving the builders a few (!!!!) extra jobs & partly because these things always take longer […] Read More

Bria’s tips to an EASY Christmas

Christmas can be a stressful time BUT it does not have to be! Here are my tips to a stress-free Christmas. Tip Number 1: Pre order EVERYTHING Online shop for your Christmas dinner and order all your gifts by 17th December. No more last-minute gift shopping, this year we are catching the sales and stocking […] Read More

Is your indoor air quality affecting your health?

If you’re living in London like I do then I’m sure your already wear of how toxic the air, mainly from traffic pollution. But have you thought about your indoor air quality at home or in the work place and how it might be affecting your health on a daily basis? Whether you’re indoors or […] Read More