Bianca and self isolation

Hey Spirohealthers,

Amongst all the chaos, worry and uncertainty I wanted to remind you while social distancing or self-isolating it is more important than ever to make sure you look after your health including physical, mental and emotional health.

I am exercising from home to keep fit and active, limiting my news watching to updating x1 a day, I find too much is stressful. I am also organising video calls with friends and family to stay connected. There are so many things you can do at home, please keep your mind occupied and reach out to people if you need support in anyway, even for a chat, although try not to discuss the corona virus but something uplifting.

Yesterday before I decided to self-isolate for precaution reasons, I went horse riding. After listening to the news which I don’t often do I started to feel a little down. This isn’t going to help me or anyone around me. Being outdoors in the fresh air and daylight and getting some mild exercise I felt fresh recharged, de stressed and positive again. It is still important to get out into nature and be active while being distant from others, fresh air and daylight is very important to your health.

Keep safe and keep coming in to get your nervous system switched on at Spirohealth if it feels right for you

self isolation

Bianca Downey

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