Could these 3 things be causing your headaches?

Natalie of Spirohealth has been suffering with migraines and headaches for years. A recent blog explained how her migraines had returned after 10 years and how her health and her life were suffering. She actually studied Chiropractic in South Africa because of how much it helped with her headaches.

Fast forward a few years and now they are under wraps. How did she do it? (Of course we would encourage you getting other factors checked out like your sleep, hormones, nutrition and cortisol levels) She got consistent with her ABC schedule and sharpened up her sit, sleep standing habits. 

We are writing this post as Natalie experienced a weekend of the worst headaches again recently and being an ABC practitioner herself you wouldn’t think she would have neglected taking care of her posture BUT it happens to the best of us, especially when you having fun.

So what are the 3 things that Natalie did not consider? Quick video here

  1. Theatre seats: Yes this goes for cinemas too. They are not supportive and horrible shapes depending on how old they are. They push your body forwards and this puts major strain on your structure bringing about new and old symptoms. To be fair she did sit on her coat, propped up like a seat wedge but the position of the seats meant she was leaning forward to see the show. BEWARE people!

  2. High heels: When girls want to look good, sometimes a heel is all you need. We get that but make sure you link up the cause with the effect and know that your body may react with some unwanted signs and symptoms. Natalie has worn these heels before too but with the combination of other factors pushing her body forward the outcome was negative.

  3. Bath time: Having bath is a no no for ABC people. Unfortunately the position you get into when you lie back and relax plays havoc with your spine and pushes your head way far forward. It feels so good we know, but it just won’t cut it when you are committing to looking after your spine with us. Natalie had thought it was short and sweet and her body would cope.

Her body didn’t cope and she spent 4 days with horrendous headaches that woke her in the night and she popped so many pills, she can’t even remember the last time she had to do that?

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, come in and meet our team. We specialise in posture correction which deals with the cause of your headaches and not just covering up the symptom.


Natalie Robertson
Advanced ABC practitioner
Life Coach



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