Holiday hacks for your backs

So we are deep into the holidays and many of use are travelling to holidays destinations in Europe and farther afield. My main advice for those of our practice members is to not worry to much about there posture, but just to have fun. The flip side to that, is that its nice to get through the holidays feeling good and not getting niggles and body irritation.

Here are some of the things I do:

1. Take a wedge with for your car or your flight, most seats in the world today, push bones forward in our spine, which makes the body achy because muscles have to work hard to compensate. If you can’t take a wedge, fold up your jumper and jacket to sit on.
2. Ask for more towels! instead of using the rubbish pillows that you get, ask for extra towels and build your pillow to the perfect height. This gives you the best chance of having a wonderful nights sleep. If your hotel has super firm beds, let us know!
3. Flip flops. You will hopefully be able to were flip flops on your holiday, make sure they aren’t to old and have a depression from where your heels have sunk in. These should be changed every year, Haviana do good ones. Also, walk barefoot as much as possible.
4. Neck pillow for flights. If you have one of the half moon neck pillows for flights, make sure the narrow bit is behind the neck and the fat bit is under your chin, this will give you the best support without wrecking your body.
5. Do your ABC movements, if you don’t know what those are, ask Vicky or Bria to show you, these should be done regularly.

If it so happens that you are in a Forward unwind, don’t panic, your body will compensate whilst you are away and find a resting point, when you get back we will help you work through it.

Most importantly, just have fun, we can fix most of the problems you can create on a holiday in a couple of adjustments.

If you want a refresher or have not been to one of our educational sit, sleep, standing seminars check them out here

Happy holidays!!!


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