How ABC Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Whatever form of fitness or sports you are into, one thing we all have in common is the desire to become as healthy as possible and to maximise our potential in whatever our chosen field. In order to achieve this we all understand the importance of a healthy & balanced diet, exercising regularly & putting in the practice – but your adjustments are just as important to incorporate into your fitness regime.

At Spirohealth we specialise in postural correction and look after your body as a whole. As our DC’s work with you to manipulate any bones stuck in a forward position and move them back into alignment, compensations will be removed allowing your body to move more freely and comfortably enabling you to gradually do more and more.

As we progress through treatment we can physically see the changes in our bodies from our postural pictures – head more upright, shoulders naturally coming backwards even when we breath out & let our bodies slump, chest coming out. Whatever physical activity it is – even if you’re just running for the bus! – you can actually feel this change. I remember particularly the first time Natalie of Spirohealth did the first rib manoeuvre on me – I couldn’t believe the feeling of how much weight had been lifted off my chest & how much easier each breath was. There is no doubt that this increase in lung capacity has benefitted my everyday life as well as when I exercise.

When we are exercising regularly it could be that we are putting extra stresses & strains on our bodies that regular adjustments can help alleviate, thereby helping the body to continue functioning at its best. Hence many high level athletes are now looking ABC and incorporating it into their regimen.

Whatever your goals, be it running a marathon or something as simple as walking your dogs, ABC can really help you achieve your goals & go beyond what you thought possible – give it a try!


Mrs Vicky Miller

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