January News in a nutshell

Dear Spirohealthers,

Newsletters have been on hold until the New Year after our first Spiro baby Brooke was born 1 July. They are back and please get hold of me if you would like to share any news/deals/offers with our community that may benefit us all.

It’s party time as I, Natalie am back at Spiro from February 1st. What a journey it has been and continues to be for my little family. It’s time to get back to my first baby and my first family Spirohealth.

Stuart is a married man as of Decmeber 30th- congrats to him and the lovely Becky.

Bianca is superwell after the December break and is looking to come into your business and screen your emplyoyees at their desks. Want a more focussed, healthier,happier team? Email us on info@spirohealth.co.uk

Natalie has written a great article on her life without ABC while she was in South Africa – read it here

Lots of love to you all and see you soon
Natalie x

Upcoming events
Sit, Sleep, Standing class
31st January 7:15pm
ALL ARE WELCOME (non members too)

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