A Mom writes to her unborn baby

This is such an amazing birth story to share with my community. A lovely Mom wrote an email to her unborn little girl. She shares her thoughts, feelings and actions as the event unfolded for her. Enjoy.

Dear Abigail,

Long before you were conceived, you were wanted and spoken of. At the end of 2014 I bought a pair of shoes for a little girl in the hopes that you would be.
We found out that I was pregnant with you at the beginning of May 2016 and all my girlfriends were so excited. Aunty Robyn was the first Aunty to find out and that’s because I couldn’t have my usual glass of bubbly with her!
You attended evening classes with me, you were there for my tests and final exams and it’s been a quite a journey. My pregnancy was good and different to my pregnancy with your brother. That’s a life lesson for all moms that no two kids are the same just as each pregnancy is unique. I was a lot more nauseous and tired but hopefully you can read about it in the pregnancy diaries I have prepared for you and your brother separately.
Your dad and I attended Hypnobirthing Antenatal classes in preparation for a home birth. Theoni Papoutsis was the instructor and I had asked her to be my doula. She was amazing! All the way weird and out there and I loved that about her. She taught pregnancy yoga and did Hawaiian massage that’s spiritual- it was mind blowing.
I thought that you would join us a week or two before your due date and I would go into labour spontaneously in the middle of the night. You my dear daughter had your own plans. I had to be induced with you too and I was very sad about that. I had waited until you were “42 weeks” before I gave my midwife the go ahead. I drove myself to my appointment and she checked me out. I was at 4cms and she did a stretch and sweep (to open my cervix) and then instructed me to take the induction solution. I went to Woolies to buy snacks and a smoothie before going home to get things started. Your dadda was at work and I had let Theoni, Chrissie (the placenta encapsulation lady) and Natalie (the birth photographer) what was going on.
I decided that I should go for a walk on the property to see if that would get contractions going. All this time, my friends wanted to be kept informed minute by minute as to how I was doing. By 1pm, Theoni came over and we spent the next five hours walking and doing the stairs at the Labyrinth; squatting in the kitchen while baking chocolate cupcakes and taking homeopathic (gelsimium) remedies. By 6:30pm, Veronica, the midwife came home to see if my body was doing anything. We spoke about doing another stretch and sweep and breaking my waters to kick start labour. It was then that I broke down and cried- it’s the fear of the known for second time moms. I knew that meant my labour would be intense which is the case  following inductions or augmentation of labour. Your dadda was lying on our bed next to me while Veronica examined me and tried to break my waters. Needless to say that your head was on my cervix, I was already at 6cms and there were no waters to rupture! But boy did labour move along swiftly. Contractions were two minutes apart and intense. Your dadda got the birth pool filled while I laboured in the room for a bit and once I got into the water, it was so much better.
Veronica and dadda took turns using a scoop to pour water on my belly and then when I needed to be on all fours, there was someone to put pressure on my back. Gran was at home with us to be there for Sammy. Everyone was in the lounge while I laboured, it was so precious. You were born two and a half hours after the first contraction and your birth was magical. I used the breathing techniques I had learned but eventually moaned through many contractions until it felt like they had eased up and I could be present again. Once I announced that I needed to have a bowel movement, we all knew that your arrival was imminent. Six and a half minutes later with three good pushes and you were with us. Your brother got to see you crown and I caught your little body as you made your entrance into our world. We waited for your (short) umbilical cord to stop pulsating before it was cut. I then drank the last few mls of the Cytotec to birth the placenta which was preserved for encapsulation. Gran was with Sam, you were in your dads arms and I went to get cleaned up and climb into bed to wait for you.
There were many days where I had pictured the four of us lying in our bed together as family of four and all my expectations were met. Your brother was enraptured by you and I couldn’t stop taking in your sweet, precious newborn smell.
Our initial breastfeeding attempt was unsuccessful but luckily I had seen a lactation consultant and have the memory of an elephant. I recalled quite a few tricks and after a little nap, you latched beautifully at 1:15am. And so began our journey together.
Holding you the first time was magical and I wouldn’t change a thing. Natalie documented our precious moment and here’s a link to a few photos of your birth, I hope that you’re proud of them Click here.
Love you lots, mumbirth story
Just too special to keep forever…those moments that pass us by.
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