My first experience of grief

Recently my grandmother passed away and this became my first time as an adult having to deal with grief and all of its stages. My grandmother was the epitome of what a graceful, warm and welcoming woman should be. Unfortunately she developed Alzheimer’s and died of pneumonia.

For those of you who have experienced grief you know that your emotions can range between
shocked or numb
anxious or agitated
lacking in purpose

I expected the emotional rollercoaster myself and my family appeared to be on but what surprised me the most was the different physical responses we were all having.

The symptoms ranged from
difficulty breathing
feeling very tired and weak
a lack of energy
dry mouth
an increase or decrease in appetite
finding it hard to sleep or fear of sleeping
aches and pains

Stress can manifest itself in the body in such unusual ways. When we are experiencing mental stress, we are often placing physical stress on our bodies also. I started to look at the correlation between relieving pressure from the nervous system and our abilities to cope.

Am I going to claim ABC can make your grief go away? Absolutely not! However when our bodies are functioning at their bests our bodies are in a much better position to cope with the new emotional and physical stress it is under. There appears to be a link between our bodies functioning at their best and an improvement in our state of minds once the pain has been alleviated.

Although a trip to your local ABC specialist may not be top of your to do list when dealing with someone’s recent passing I have first hand experience with these physical symptoms and how much better I felt when my body was in a position to cope with them. Thanks Spirohealth.

Think about it…


Bria x

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