What is the difference between Chiropractic and ABC™

As written by Stuart Murray of Spirohealth I thought it prudent to cover a few points about what we study in a Masters degree in Chiropractic vs what we do as a ABC™ practitioners. It is a 6-year Masters course, in South Africa (where I studied. Some of the bigger curriculum covered are Anatomy, Physiology, […] Read More

Forward head posture affects your lungs and heart

Did you know a study in the 1980’s concluded that a forward head posture can reduce your lung capacity by up to 30%? Bianca of Spirohealth elaborates in this video below: Please come in and get yourself checked for forward head posture, you can book here Other articles that may interest you about your posture: […] Read More

Recovering from an unwind

The process of unwinding, described in this article here, involves going forward and going backwards many times. This is why you experience so many ups and downs on your ABC journey. Each injury you have experienced must be released this way otherwise you will never get completely better. When you unwind through something big, you will […] Read More

Weak posture affects grey matter of your brain

Can posture affect how you use your brain? According to some research done in 2004 by Abkarian for every year of chronic pain in the lower back there is a 1.3cm loss of grey matter in the brain. The grey matter is for all sorts of nerve connections and pathways. How can this impact on […] Read More

New Tear New Me

As written by Vicky Miller for the new year ahead: I’ve been so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel and be with family and friends for the past few months. In some ways those 4 months went in a flash but looking back I think of endless days on sun drenched beaches, wonderful […] Read More