Recovering from an unwind

The process of unwinding, described in this article here, involves going forward and going backwards many times. This is why you experience so many ups and downs on your ABC journey.

Each injury you have experienced must be released this way otherwise you will never get completely better. When you unwind through something big, you will notice more things than if you’re dealing with something smaller.

As your body improves it will gradually untwist closer and closer to the original forward stuck position. When this happens although, there maybe discomfort, you will still be improving.

Your body mechanics are now healthy enough to unlock significant past injuries.

After going through recovery your body will work so well, you will have no pain and you will be able to do things you have not done in years.

Starting from day 1 people report:

  • Fuller deeper breath
  • Reduced pains
  • Increased Energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Recovery from chronic illness

In the same way a fever is uncomfortable, it is part of the healing process. Unwinding is also part of the healing process. If your body never goes forward it never unlocks major injuries and leaves you constantly in poor mechanical shape. Though you might feel ok, you will never get any better from when you stopped care.

If you do not unwind you become very susceptible to outside stresses, sudden jolts or playing sports and exercise.

So come in and have an ABC check up with one of our team. It is a revolutionary technique to correct your posture- book here



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