Spirohealthers: April Update

Hi Spirohealthers,

Happy April showers! First quarter of the year has gone already, we hope your posture,health and wellbeing goals have been achieved? If not please take some extra time with your ABC super hero and share your story.

Stuart is about to take his gorgeous daughter Freya back to sunny South Africa and show her off to the family. The first Murray girl and all. Bianca and I will take good care of you for 2 weeks and keep you on your schedule.

Bianca will be setting off soon for some more ‘holotropic’ breathing in Vienna. Ask her about it.

Easter break is apon us too. Please up your schedule before and after the holidays to keep your body unwinding at the very best rate.

Easter comp for the largest Lindt bunny I have ever seen in full swing. If you want to be in the running fill out a form at front desk for the week before Easter Friday.

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As always I, Natalie Robertson am available for any questions or feedback.

Take care of yourselves and eachother

Natalie Robertson Director





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