Stuart asks, ‘Can tea cure a hangover?’

The dreaded hangover. What can we do to help ourselves?

Dr. Stuart’s (what a great name) Liver Detox tea, is something I was introduced to by one of our clients, a self proclaimed Biohacker. We were talking about the Keto diet, I mentioned that I was struggling to digest all the fat. He then explained something he had been told. The theory was that over time(and a myriad of other reasons) the bile gets all sludgy and slow, it can’t get into the gut quick enough to help break down the fat particles (something like that).

I fell off the wagon with the Keto diet, but the one thing I have stayed with is a cup of Dr. Stuart’s Liver Detox, its packed with combination of peppermint, dandelion root, licorice root, chamomile, centaury herb, bolda leaves, couchgrass root, restharrow root, and milk thistle. A real good concoction. I have noticed that if I have a few more beers or glasses of wine than I should or a fatty meal, my body doesn’t suffer anywhere near to what it use too. So, if you are like me and can over do it from time to time, give the tea a go and I would love to hear how it goes for you. It actually tastes pretty good too!

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