My first experience of grief

Recently my grandmother passed away and this became my first time as an adult having to deal with grief and all of its stages. My grandmother was the epitome of what a graceful, warm and welcoming woman should be. Unfortunately she developed Alzheimer’s and died of pneumonia. For those of you who have experienced grief […] Read More

Holiday hacks for your backs

So we are deep into the holidays and many of use are travelling to holidays destinations in Europe and farther afield. My main advice for those of our practice members is to not worry to much about there posture, but just to have fun. The flip side to that, is that its nice to get […] Read More

Becky Murray writes about ‘Spirohealth, ABC™ and my pregnancy’

Spirohealth, ABC™ and my pregnancy I am writing this post to share my positive experience of having ABC™ throughout my pregnancy to hopefully provide some reassurance. I had been receiving treatment for about two years before falling pregnant and when I found out that I was pregnant initially had some questions surrounding the impact of […] Read More