Shoes that age you

Did you know these shoes could be: 1. Pushing you head forwards (causing that bump on the back of your neck) 🔽 2. Rounding and collapsing your shoulders, think Quasimodo! 🔽 3. Arching your back and adding to back and knee/hip pain. This is because they push bones in your spine forwards. We cannot fix […] Read More

4 top tips to cut anxiety

How can you support yourself through anxious periods? Some of  Bianca’s top natural tips to help reduce Anxiety Anxiety is a perfectly normal response to stress but when it starts to interfere with your daily life it’s important to do something about it. Here are my top natural tips for helping to reduce anxiety: 1.Pick […] Read More

Bianca gets personal

My personal ABC journey so far I have been practicing ABC for many years and it still continues to amaze me, not only the impact it has on my body getting adjusted twice a week but how much it transforms my patients lives. Every week I see the positive change ABC has with not only […] Read More