Can your bra affect your posture?

Is your bra affecting your posture and your progress with ABC? The wrong shape bra can pull your shoulders forward, creating poor posture and therefore affect your form while exercising or in the gym lifting weights. You will feel tension in your traps and shoulders and even cause headaches and brain fog. Some examples of […] Read More

Why should you give your mind a pit stop?

It’s been a crazy day, mind all over the shop…turns into a crazy week infact the days, weeks and months blur together and the next thing you know its a new year. Does this sound familiar? We strive to be our best at work- being creative, disciplined, committed, passionate. We strive to be our best […] Read More

Do You Have Good Or Bad Posture

You could change the course of your and family’s life right now! I was out for a lovely dinner last night when I looked over to the table next to us and saw a very familiar sight. A special family dinner- grandparents, parents and children. The adults were laughing and talking between them and the […] Read More