9 habits to improve your overall health and well-being

9 habits that could change your life Medical professionals are invaluable when it comes to helping people stay ahead of — and prevent — health issues and diseases. Life coaches and dieticians can guide people in the right direction when it comes to healthy habits. Even friends and family can help people progress in their […] Read More

How ABC Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Whatever form of fitness or sports you are into, one thing we all have in common is the desire to become as healthy as possible and to maximise our potential in whatever our chosen field. In order to achieve this we all understand the importance of a healthy & balanced diet, exercising regularly & putting […] Read More

March word on exercise from Vicky

So, my whole ‘new year, new me’ campaign is continuing as alongside my adjustments and diet (more on that to come in my next blog) I’m also getting back into my exercise routine. I’m generally quite an active person and always have been, but particularly as I get older & more aware of my body […] Read More

Bianca shares why she does ABC with us

Well the truth is, is that there have been many moments that I have thought ABC is going to change my life in many ways. The first was when I attended my first ABC seminar that I had my first ABC adjustment. They took before and after pictures. The most surprising thing was that I […] Read More

4 easy steps to a stronger immune system

What can I do to fend off the winter cold? We get asked this all the time at Spirohealth. It’s nearly the season to be jolly but you cannot be jolly if you pick up the bugs going around. We work closely with Naturopath Dr Vivian Lord and here is her recommendation on boosting your […] Read More

12 tips to healthy sleep

What does healthy sleep look like? We all know sleep is important but in a modern fast passed society with a pressure to get things done are we getting enough quality sleep? Sleep is when our body is healing. Think of wakefulness as brain damage and sleep as neurological repair. It is recommended that we […] Read More