Vicky’s July update

As many of you know, my dearest father is suffering with dementia & his health has deteriorated so rapidly in recent months to the extent that it’s hard to keep up with the constantly changing situation. At the start of July we had a heart-breaking meeting with his care team to discuss his end of […] Read More

Emotions are our guides

Emotions are just energy in motion and they tell us how we feel. What is ‘feeling’ really? Feeling is how the physical part of us is vibrating. What is your vibe/vibration? You can immediately pick up when someone’s vibe around you is low, they seem to drag you down too if you are around them […] Read More

What i learnt from my 10 month old baby

Children teach us a lot of things don’t they? My 10 month old daughter Brooke amazes me everyday, but the one thing recently that has stood out to me in terms of self development stuff, which i absolutely love because of my life coaching background, is how she is so aware of all her achievements, […] Read More

Build yourself up

One of the most challenging concepts to accept for clients at Spirohealth is the ‘wholeness’ concept. We are made up of many moving parts but we also made up of parts we cannot see. 4 main parts actually. Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual parts. Picture these as being 25% of the whole. Be honest with […] Read More