3 posture related strategies every employee needs to know for more focus and productitivity at work

What could you change in 1 day that could change your focus and productivity at work forever? 1. Sitting posture: lots of you are sitting most of your day so it is important to get this right. A poor sitting position can lead to reduced focus and concentration, brain fog and a sluggish energy along […] Read More

Why are Sit Sleep Stand classes so important?

Hi Everyone Happy Valentines from Spirohealth This year we’re running a special Valentines Competition here in the office- sign up a loved one to one of our complementary Sit, Sleep, Stand classes and we will enter you into the draw to win a fabulous Valentines Hamper. But why do we all recommend this class so […] Read More

Is a standing desk the answer?

Many people think that sitting all day can be counteracted by standing all day. After all sitting is deemed the new smoking so it seems like a good idea. Right? At Spirohealth we think this is mostly incorrect and the research by Vernikos 2005 states: it’s actually the change in posture that is the most […] Read More

Painful pregnancy, what is normal?

As most of our clients at Spirohealth know, my wife Becky, is pregnant. We are expecting a baby girl in December, so the due date is fast approaching. It is a super exciting time in our lives and, also, quite daunting. It’s our first baby, so we are pretty new to the experience. We have […] Read More

Simple 6 principles to better sitting

What is the best chair to sit in? Not sitting in the correct chair can have a profoundly negative affect on the body, pushing bones in the spine forward, leading to the body needing to compensate to cope. These compensations that are being created, are wheat cause the aches and pains you suffer with. It […] Read More

Posture Myth #5: ‘I’ll get a better chair’

‘Sitting is the new smoking!’ I am sure your have heard or read this before. Not only does sitting put twice as much pressure on your lower back as standing does, when you are slumping, it’s even more pressure. Sitting also decreases the blood flow to the muscles that help hold us upright which tires […] Read More