Where is your wallet?

If you have a habit of keeping your wallet in your back pocket everyday or even every now-and-then, this quick read will be extremely helpful for you and the future of your spine! Most people will experience an episode of some sort of back pain in their lives. Getting to the root cause can often […] Read More

What is the difference between Chiropractic and ABC™

As written by Stuart Murray of Spirohealth I thought it prudent to cover a few points about what we study in a Masters degree in Chiropractic vs what we do as a ABC™ practitioners. It is a 6-year Masters course, in South Africa (where I studied. Some of the bigger curriculum covered are Anatomy, Physiology, […] Read More

Spinal expert: A day in the life of…

When you know so much about the structure of the spine and the function of the body…it can be curse!!! First thing you might want to notice about the world is it’s designed to make us sick!!! You know what I mean…the sugary snacks all over tv and at the supermarket, cleverly marketed to grab your […] Read More

The truth about your health

Can you take the truth about your health? First up, know this, your nervous system controls everything in your body- your immune system, your hormones, your appetite, your metabolism, your energy levels, your digestion, your muscular system, your sex drive, your fertility, your emotions/moods your focus, your healing power. Secondly, your nervous system is protected […] Read More