Posture Myth #6: ‘Breathing exercises will fix my posture’

Yoga, Pilates and deep relaxation techniques are very useful and we support you all the way to continue with these things however they do not address the lower part of your body. A good posture stems from the arches in your feet being just right. ‘They will not be an effective and reliable solution to […] Read More

Mythbusting #1: Will exercise fix my posture?

Exercise helps a lot, we see very good results with pilates, yoga and even weight training on posture they are not long lasting. You see we don’t have the muscles attached in such a way that we can pull one vertebra back on another when it is stuck forward (think rounded shoulders and hump back). Yes, […] Read More

The way successful people start their day…

EVERYDAY!!! Ever wondered why some people just don’t do so well in work, love, health, finance or just life for that matter? Others it just seems to flow, looks so easy and they always have good luck? Well it’s all down to action and you can start taking small baby steps towards this life too. Wake early: this […] Read More