What is unwinding?

When you embark on correcting your posture with ABC, be ready for a journey. Like nothing in health there are no quick fixes, or ones that are permanent fixes at least.

Before any care, you have the symptoms and physical problems that result from a mechanical injury. These are usually pain, loss of range of motion and stiffness etc.

ABC specialists start to correct your body’s mechanics by correcting only the positions of bones that your body cannot self correct, these are bones stuck forward that have no muscles attached in a way to pull them back.

Your body then corrects what it can self correct until it runs into the next one it can’t and so on.

During the self correct phases your body improves by untwisting in a backward direction away from the major mechanical stress.

To continue improving, the body partially untwists forwards towards the original stuck forwards injury position. At this point you may feel pain again, but the body is unlocking and it allows your ABC specialist to further correct your mechanical problems. You may feel anxious or even depressed because this increased pressure leads you to think you are getting worse., but your are not!

This process of going backwards and forwards to known as unwinding and is necessary in order for your mechanical injuries to heal. When your spine is in better shape you nervous system works better and you have more vitality and longevity.

We are dedicated to correcting your posture at Spirohealth. Our team are passionate about helping you get your health back on track.

Here is a cool fact about posture affecting your brain by Director and ABC specialist Natalie Robertson

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