What should I avoid in the gym to keep a healthy spine?

We want to protect posture/structure at all costs but still get the benefit of exercise…

Most importantly you need to avoid any movement that involves bending your body forward or overextending (bending backwards), doing this increases the pressure on your central nervous system and compromises your structure and function.

Here is my list of the common offenders that you need to avoid as they will not only make your posture worse but also negatively affect your breathing and overall function.

· No dead lifts – no matter how good your form is this will pull your lower back forward.
· Under no circumstance must you put any bars on the top of your back the weight of this will push you forward.
· No leg press machine – the angle of the seat puts your body in an incorrect posture
· No ab crunches – curls your body forward
· No bending forward and touching your toes – I think that’s self-explanatory.
· No rowing machines – curls your body forward
· Overhead movements are ok but watch out for when you start to fatigue, and you start extending your back to help you lift the weight above your head.

Please watch out for anything in the gym that makes you feel dizzy or lightheaded after, this is not a good sign and indicates that you pulled something forward and you put extra stress on your brain stem. While some movements might be ok some of the time it doesn’t mean that they always will be. Focus on your form and listen to your body if it hurts or is uncomfortable STOP.

If you have any questions please attend our free sitting sleeping and standing class for more information and I am happy to make time to personally discuss your workout routine.

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