Build yourself up

One of the most challenging concepts to accept for clients at Spirohealth is the ‘wholeness’ concept.

We are made up of many moving parts but we also made up of parts we cannot see. 4 main parts actually. Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual parts. Picture these as being 25% of the whole.

Be honest with yourself and ask the right questions about how you feel about each of these parts. Do you feel comfortable, healthy and things are manageable? Or are you struggling to identify your feelings and manage your emotions? Is your health doing well?

If not, build yourself up by getting some help: this might be reading an article/blog/book, watching a video on you tube, speaking to loved ones, working with a coach or a therapist, going on a course, studying something new.

Aim to build up each quarter of yourself so you are more of a whole. Then it makes sense you can deal with the stressors of everyday life better as you are now looking at life from a different perspective and with a bigger tool box/support platform.

Ask me how I started valuing myself more and ended up studying to be a life coach. Read this fantastic article on value.

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