How can you look at the idiot in your life like exercise?

We all have that ONE person, that idiot who grates you up the wrong way, pushes your buttons, brings you to tears and you don’t see eye to eye with. Truth be told some of you might have many people in your life like this. They may even be part of your family or in involved in your business.

Let’s turn it on its head and look at things from another angle. Think about exercise. Why do we do it? We want to look better and feel better but ultimately we want the body to become stronger. Exercise is in fact a way of challenging the body, stressing it out with a stress that otherwise would not have been there. What is the result? Stronger, more toned muscles, stronger heart and lungs.

Think of this with those idiots in your life. They challenge you! And boy do they do a good job. A stress that would otherwise not be there. Without them you would not have any personal challenge or self expansion? Indeed you can be grateful for them as if you not growing, you are most certainly shrinking. So the next time you have your buttons pushed have a think about exactly what you are learning. This might be more patience, more understanding, a better choice of words, a different outlook. It also might be to see the stupidity or ignorance in their ideas and simply not accepting them into your own reality. Also allowing them to plug into you and take away your balance or calmness in that moment is handing over a lot of power to them. Walking around all day giving away your power to others leaves you exhausted by the end of it all. Think about that. Do you react to people and situations? Or are you proactive in being aware of these things?

I would love to work with you more if you are battling with a certain someone or aspect in your life.

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idiot in your life
Natalie Robertson
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