Can your body adapt?

Very often in practice, we can get carried away with trying to explain why things in the body get sore or just stop working as well as they should. The fact is, your body can’t  actually fix everything, otherwise people wouldn’t get old or die.

They way your body works is about how much capacity you have to ADAPT to the environment you live in. What generally happens to the vast majority of us is that we use
this adaptability without knowing it in our younger years. We do stupid things, have a lot of fun and don’t really feel any worse for it. Until we hit our 30s or 40s, its when the lifestyles we lead catch up to us a bit. You get a bit wider around the waist, you start picking up back injuries or knees get achy, shoulders start getting tight. These are the injuries that “come out of nowhere”, “I have done nothing different” is often heard. Your physical capacity has been slowly and surely used up by us pushing bones forward in
our day to day lives, this is why it seems to catch us by surprise, you are so used to your body just being able to adapt, you find it odd that you can’t do it anymore.

What happens when you keep pushing bones forward in your spine, your body can’t fix it so it compensates, the 1st few decades you can do that very well, you hardly even notice it. As you continue to do it, you use up the functional capacity of the body to adapt to its environment, to a point that you can’t adapt well anymore. Your body then starts taken strain; injuries occur. ABC™ allows us to locate those bones that get stuck forward and correct them. If you give us enough time with you, we can help you restore some of the functional capacity. If your body has bones out of place that it can’t fix, it has to do something with that, it has to put that mechanical pressure somewhere. This is what causes your aches and niggles in most cases.

So in closing, if we can restore your functional capacity to a higher level, this means you are better able to deal with stressors that come your way. You feel younger and a bit more bulletproof again.

See you at Spirohealth

Stuart Murray

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