Children with PETS have a stronger immune system

Having pets in the house prove to be good for your children as they are exposed to micro organisms that challenge their immune systems and in the long run- make them more healthy.

Yes, there is such a thing as ‘BEING TOO CLEAN’ This is called the ‘Hygiene hypothsis’ We are keeping our kids from being inoculated by bacteria and the likes, this does not allow the immune system to develop properly. The next thing you know- your little one gets sick everytime they go off to swimming lessons or even nursery.

Why are allergies and food sensitivity on the rise? Allergens are not the problem, it’s our bodies over reaction to the allergen that causes the problem.

Dr Bruce Lipton, all be it a little slow, discusses why all this happens in this video- CLICK HERE. He also touches on the controversial subject of vaccines- YES or NO?

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Dr. Natalie Robertson, Director, ABC practitioner, Life Coach,

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