The technique we use at Spirohealth is very specialised in restoring natural curves in your spine (posture) or posture correction. This is called Advanced Biostructural Correction or ABC. All practitioners at Spirohealth are qualified Chiropractors who have specialised in posture correction and at Advanced ABC levels. We fix problems your body cannot self correct. If you are interested in taking a look at ABC in more detail, please click here

“What is good posture? How should I be standing? Should my hips be tucked under my body?”

All really common questions we hear in our lifestyle centre. The truth is, you should not be thinking about it. The way in the which a healthy spine, with healthy curves functions, is without conscious thought. Upright, pain and muscle tension free, with easy breathing and a clear head. If you have to be reminding yourself to be upright or you are supporting yourself with complicated chairs or braces- we would strongly encourage you to have a check up with us or any other ABC practitioner. Here is a fantastic blog post telling you more – click here

What else can you do to improve your posture?

Spirohealth has a very holistic approach to health and wellbeing and so are strong advocates of Yoga, Pilates and some weight training. However we do have modifications we strongly advise too. You are very welcome to visit our lifestyle centre for a Sit, Sleep, Standing Educational seminar to learn more about these modifications, meet the team and ask any questions. Please contact us for more details and to book your place.