Do we help a slipped disc?

Working within the postural health sector, it has been my experience that the number of people visiting an ABC specialist due to be being diagnosed with a herniated disc appears to be on the rise. I know a lot of people have no idea what this means so I thought I would take a moment to discover what exactly a herniated disc is and how we may be able to help.

There are a number of terms used to describe a herniated disc including:
· Pinched nerve
· Ruptured/torn disc
· Bulging disc
· Disc protrusion
· Slipped disc

There are two main ways a spinal disc can cause pain:

1. Pinched Nerve: In most cases a herniated disc itself is not painful, but rather the material leaking out of the disc pinches, inflames, or irritates a nearby nerve, causing sharp shooting pain.

2. Disc Pain: The source of pain can come from the disc if it dehydrates or degenerates to the point of causing pain and instability in the spinal segment.

So now that you know exactly what it is that is going on within your body, I have some good news. We see a number of patients at Spirohealth who visit us due to having a number of these issues and we can offer some help.

We offer a Discovery session, a 20 minutes complimentary chat with one of our Advanced practitioners. During this session you can outline any concerns you have and we can give you some advice on how we can help.

I am Bria Francis and work on the front desk, very happy to talk to you if you have any other questions.

slipped disc

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