Does a spinal adjustment (ABC style) hurt?

A frequent question and why not? A spinal adjustment is going to change your body’s shape so how does it work?

Advanced Biostrutural Correction (ABC) is what we are all about at Spirohealth. We restore the human frame to reach optimal function in the body= health. If you have not had a look at this video explaining ABC- CLICK HERE

I have used other spinal corrective techniques in my career and NEVER experienced the miracles that I see EVERYDAY at Spirohealth now. We work with your body, not against it like other types of care. We go at your pace. Whether a baby of 3 days old or an older client at 93 years old- we work with you an all are welcome.

We do stretches for the nervous system and then we gently fix what your body cannot fix by itself. Different people have different patterns, some are more complicated.

Check out what Dr Natalie had to say- CLICK HERE

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