Emotions are our guides

Emotions are just energy in motion and they tell us how we feel.

What is ‘feeling’ really?

Feeling is how the physical part of us is vibrating. What is your vibe/vibration? You can immediately pick up when someone’s vibe around you is low, they seem to drag you down too if you are around them too long. And what do you end up doing? Avoiding them ofcourse. Afterall it is your job to protect your vibration and keep it high/feeling good.

Let’s look at what stress does to us

Stressful situations make us feel:

  1. Anxious
  2. Angry
  3. Frustrated
  4. Overwhelmed 
  5. Annoyed

All very low energy/vibration emotions you will agree. And not where you want to spend your time in.

Professor Steve Peters wrote The Chimp Paradox, where he talks of stress as being your wake up call to change. Once you are awake, he advises we get clear on what we really want in life, what is your happy list? And then, he writes, just go out and DO IT!

The late Louise Hay wrote You Can Heal Yourself, and she proclaims the body speaks the mind. So by shifting mental thoughts we can shift your health.

I know that your vibration precedes what you attract in life.

According to the Law of Vibration: we live in an ocean of motion, everything is vibrating at a certain frequency. According to another Universal law, the Law of Attraction: we attract everything on a vibrational match to ourselves every single second of everyday. This includes people, opportunities, ideas and situations.

I have specialised in the universal laws with my life coaching. I work along side clients to learn how to shift your own vibration and CREATE the life that you really want to live. Afterall we are not here for a long time but a good time.

I personally invite you to a 30 minute FREE Discovery session with me at your convenience. Virtual meetings are welcome.

Come and check out what this is all about!

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Natalie Robertson
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